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Getting started is quite simple. Here are the steps to make it a simple process:

Register as a buyer Login then click on My account –> Personal information.

    1. Add a description about yourself (make sure your spelling and grammar are correct) and add a pic.(A pic paints a thousand words)

  1. Click on the “Post New” button

  2. a) Fill in the Title and the description to be as correct as possible (make sure your spelling and grammar are correct)

b) Categories. Choose as many that match your project as possible

c) In the tags area type in words that will match your project with a comma separating each word.

For example: if you want someone who specialises in php and html tag as php, html

d) Choose a skill you would like your freelancer to have.

e) Choose a budget that you are willing to pay. If your budget is to low for the work you want done, less freelancers will make offers. So make sure your budget is realistic for the work  required.

f) Choose a closing date for all proposals .

g) Put in your location (if required) and upload screen shots or information to make your project more understandable (if required)

h) On the next page, choose if you would like your project featured. Featured projects get more proposals as they are shown more often towards the top of the list. For a very small fee (around $10) you may want to consider it.

Choose if you would like bids to be hidden from our bidders and if you want search engines to find your job. We recommend you do allow search engines to find you.

I ) Preview your listing make sure spelling and grammar are correct

j) Finish and pay if you wanted your listing featured . That is it!

Please note that job postings have to be approved by admin and can take up to 48 hours to activate and show on the website.

Getting proposals:

Once your posting is approved and is activated, you should start receiving proposals.
Under no circumstances provide any contact or payment details to a freelancer. No email address, Skype, messenger etc. Breaking this rule will have your your account deleted. Private messages are checked often by our admin team for compliance.

Choose the freelancer that you think has the skills and experience to complete your job. Once you choose the right freelancer for you, then you must make a payment to Hire Geeks.  Hire Geeks will hold your money until your freelancer completes your job. Once you are happy, the money is then released to the freelancer.
Safe. Simple and Reliable. 


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