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Here are some tips on getting more work:

  1.  Fill in your Personal information.  My Account –> Personal Information

           Whilst in the Personal information area: 

  1.  Make sure your profile has a nice clear smiling picture of you. (A picture paints a thousand words)
  2.  Make a description tells the buyers in simple terms what you can do and what you are experienced in.
     Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.
  3.  Offer a competitive price

     When you have received a job:

 **** Getting and keeping a high rating is extremely important ****

  1.  Do a high quality job. Make sure your standard is kept high.
  2.  Keep in constant contact with your buyer. Every couple of days, send them a quick update note. Buyers hate chasing after freelancers.
  3.  Stick to the time frame as you agreed upon. Buyers hate late arrivals
  4.  Be polite

These are the secrets of getting more work on Hire Geeks. If you stick to these tips, you will get high ratings and thus more jobs. You will also get a lot of repeat business.

And that means more money for you! 

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