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Getting paid is quite simple.

  1. Finish the job
  2. Once done, the buyer will mark the job as complete and releases funds
  3. Payment is made into your Hire Geeks account.

To withdraw the payment,  request a withdraw from Hire Geeks.  We will then send you the funds either by Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Wire. The choice is up to you.

Orders are processed in a few  business days.  All money sent is in USD.  Paypal and Payoneer may charge you a fee. Please see their website for receiving money fees.

Bank wires can take longer than a few days to receive funds. It is all dependant on your financial institution. Every bank in the world has different time periods.
A bank wire will incur a $30 fee from Hire Geeks.  Banks will automatically convert USD to your local currency.  Please speak to them about their fees and charges as every bank in the world is different.  If you have not received your funds after 10 days,  Please contact our support team.


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